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Financial Information

Age Groups Gender Registration Club Dues Season Length Team Dues Uniform
2010 Academy Boys/Girls $75 $60/month 10 months (Aug-May) Included $75
2009 Academy Boys/Girls $115 $65/month 10 months (Aug-May) Divided equally by roster per event $75
2008-2004 Boys/Girls $115 $75/month 10 months (Aug-May) Divided equally by roster per event $160
2003-2000 Boys $115 $75/month 5-7 months (Aug-Nov/Jan) Divided equally by roster per event $160
2003-2000 Girls $115 $75/month 7 months (Nov-May) Divided equally by roster per event $160

CSC Financial Information

Annual Registration Fee:

Registration Fees include but are not limited to the administrative costs of running the Clarksville Soccer Club (CSC) and the cost of player registration with the Tennessee State Soccer Association (TSSA).

Registration Fee Due Date: 7/1/2017

Club Dues:

Club dues include, but are not limited to coaching expenses, expenses associated with specialized training sessions, coaching education and field / facility maintenance costs. Each player/parent is responsible for paying the club dues. Annual dues can be paid at the beginning of the season, or players/parents may make monthly installments which will be due at the 5th day of each month in accordance with the club’s Payment Policy.

Team Dues:

In addition to annual Club dues, each player will be required to pay team dues which include, but are not limited to league fees, tournament entry fees, referee fees, and coach's travel expenses.

Team fees will vary from team to team based on the number of players on the team and the team’s competition schedule. The team’s Head Coach and DOC will determine the competition schedule for their team each season. The team manager will determine the necessary expenses for these events, and these fees will be assessed to each player equally.

Uniforms: (U8-U18)

Players are also required to purchase home and away uniform kits which includes jerseys (home and away), shorts, and socks. The estimated cost for the entire uniform kit is $160 for home and away uniforms.  *U8/U9 Academy Pool will also have a uniform kit that will be required.  Pricing is to be announced soon.

If you have questions, please contact one of the members of our staff by email:

Director of Coaching Kean Barclay:             

U8/U9 & Development Academy Director Kelley Guth:


CSC Financial Assistance/Scholarship Program

Financial Assistance / Scholarship Applications Deadline is November 15, 2017 for Girls High School Age Groups

Financial Documentation must be included: 2016 Tax Form (First 2 pages) & Both Parents W-2 Forms with Completed Application.

Applications should be emailed to

Please Contact Karen Goggin at 931-216-8325 if you have questions.