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CSC April Newsletter

04/11/2016, 10:30am CDT
By Bryan Drotar, CSC Director of Coaching

Important News & Updates!!!

April Newsletter

CSC Parents,

  • First note before reading on: CSC banquet tickets are on sale. Kelley Guth will be at Heritage Tuesday and Thursday this week during practice time. Please buy your tickets this week if you have not yet done so!

    • You can pay by check, cash or credit card at the Heritage.

    • May 16, 6:00pm

    • Adults (15+) $15; Kids (6-14) $10; Kids 5 and under eat free

As spring rolls on, the most frequently asked questions I receive are about tryouts. I know tryouts can be unsettling for families. There are worries about many issues including: will a team form at my child’s age, what division will that team be, who will the coach be, who is coming back and who is leaving, is the grass greener in Nashville, is it all just a “political” process, etc.

Trust me you are not alone if you have felt these anxieties or others related to tryouts and team formation. In fact, CSC parents are no different than parents across the country. It is just an anxiety prone part of sports.

I have told you my intention with CSC is to make everything as transparent as possible and with tryouts it is no exception. I don’t expect you all to agree with every decision or why we do what we do. I have rarely been in a room of more than two people where we all agree completely. I do want you to know who we are at CSC so you can make an informed decision about continuing with us or joining our CSC family for the first time.

With that said, here is what to expect with CSC team formation for the 2016-2017 season.

Will a team form at my child’s age and what division will that team be? Who will the coach be?

To see the list of teams and coaches, click on Click on the “Team” tab and then on “2016-2017 Teams”. 

All teams listed will form, 99% guaranteed. Once I list a team, I will do everything within my power to make it happen. Last year, we formed every team we said we would. You will notice at two age groups, the 2002/2003 girls and 2006 girls we have a first and second team listed. These second teams will form and I will name a coach later in the spring.

What if my child does not make a team in his/her age group?

At tryouts, we will consider making other second teams by combining age groups if we have enough players to realistically do that. I will name coaches to those teams as we form them.

I will do my best to place as many children as possible who don’t make a first team on a skill appropriate team. There are unfortunately children do not make a CSC team. This would happen for three reasons.

  1. Skill level of the player is below the basic level for competitive soccer.

  2. Poor attitude, behavioral issues or lack of commitment.

  3. The child did not make the first team and we are unable to form an appropriate second team in their age range.

Why would I want to spend all this money for my child to be on a second team?

  1. Though parents rarely like to hear this; it is where your child belongs with regard to their skill and will ultimately have the most success and enjoyment. For example, if we took all of our first teams to a bigger club, many would become second or third teams. Does that mean our players would be lesser people or have a lesser experience? Of course not. Players should be placed in the best situation for them to have fun and enjoy the game of soccer.

  2. All of our coaches regardless of team are and will be licensed, professional coaches who will enable your child to develop their skills and learn the game of soccer.

Is it all just “Political”?

Honestly this is the most overrated myth purported by parents in every sport across the country where there are tryouts. Does it happen that a child is selected because of who they know or who they are? Yes, but rarely. 99% of coaches I have known over the years, want two things; a successful team and to enjoy their team. At CSC, we will do all we can to mitigate false perceptions from the parent end and any “political” selections based on our end. Yet, I know from experience, some parents will believe what they want to believe.

Is the grass greener in Nashville?

Yes, if:

  1. You have one of those players who is so exceptional that they will stand out on a Division 1 team (and we don’t have a Division 1 team in that age group) in one of the bigger clubs or the Division 1 team in Nashville offers something we can’t. If this is your child, let me know and I will help you with introductions to those clubs.

  2. You have long term goals, reasons and motivations that make sense why Nashville is better.

If not, is the grass greener in Nashville?

  1. Yes…Until you get there and find out the level of coaching is similar to ours, you don’t make the first team, you have committed to a lot more time, energy and expense to get there.

  2. The more talented players who choose Clarksville, the more we can provide high level opportunities right here.

Looking from the sidelines at tryouts, there are somethings I just don’t understand.

Here are a few items to help you understand tryouts and team selection.

The tryout format:

Two to three coaches will be evaluating each age group. This will include, if possible, the coach of the team. The evaluators will be taking notes on every player and ranking them. The head coach has the most influence in this process. The extra set of eyes do two things:

  1. Make sure the process is fair.

  2. The tryout selection of a team almost always comes down to the last 2-4 players who make a team over the 2-4 who don’t. When you see the evaluators discussing, it is usually only about a handful of players. Having multiple coaches help us to make the best decision.

What is the session format for tryouts?

The session is laid out simply, because the intention is not to coach, but to evaluate.

  1. Warm up: Individual ball skills, moves.

  2. Small sided games (3v3 or 4v4)

  3. Large games

Players will primarily be trying out in their age groups (birth year). At my discretion, select players may be invited to either tryout with an older age group or will be placed on an older team regardless of which age they tried out for. These are players, I believe, for the good of the individual player and the good of the club should be moved up. This is an invite only based upon their play the previous year and the needs of the club. It is not open for parents to request.

Shouldn’t team selection be all about the tryout days?

No. It is not all about one day. Most of the players trying out have been part of CSC for a year or more. I can assure you, teams are not built in two days of tryouts. The CSC coaching staff is evaluating players all year long.

What is being evaluated throughout the year before tryouts for current CSC players?

  1. Skill and tactical level of the player.

  2. Attitude, behavioral issues and commitment level of the Player.

  3. Attitude, behavioral issues and commitment level of the Parents.

Yes, yearly evaluation and observation affect tryouts. And yes, the character issues are important in the player selection as well as talent.

When will we be notified about the team selection?

The 2005-2009’s tryout dates are May 23-26. The rosters of those who made those teams will be placed on the Clarksville Soccer website by June 2.

The 1998-2004 tryout dates are June 6-9. The rosters of those who made those teams will be placed on the Clarksville Soccer website by June 16.

How do we register to play for next year after my child has made a team?

This year we are doing something new. We are having CSC Commitment Days. We will use these evenings to celebrate the new teams, get all paperwork done, have uniforms available to try on and order,  and answer questions. We are very excited about this evening. Please mark it on your calendars. We will be getting you more information about Commitment Days closer to time.

June 21: 2005-2009’s

June 23: 1998-2004’s

What can I do to help improve my team and CSC for next year?

An organization like CSC can function with some volunteers, but it can be great with lots of people who believe in what is happening and come together to make a great soccer experience for our kids. Here are a few things you could do to help us drive CSC toward excellence:

  1. Do You Want to be a Winner? Here's how you can Win!

    1. LIKE the Clarksville Soccer Club Facebook Page.

    2. LIKE & SHARE the post that says “do you want to be a winner?” on your page.

    3. Spread the word to friends & family!

A winner for a $25.00 Dicks Sporting Goods Gift Card will be selected from random participants in the event on April 15, 2016 at Noon.

  1. Be ambassadors for CSC. CSC families are our lifeblood. Each of you has a circle of friends. In day to day life, let people know about CSC.

    1. To strengthen your team, search out and invite players you know who don’t play club or may like to come back to CSC next year. This pays off and can really help your child have a wonderful experience with CSC. If your family has top end players, encourage other top end players to join us. If your family has a player who you are worried might not make a first team, invite several of the players you know who have not played club before. Be involved in helping us create teams for each skill level.

    2. Many of you know business leaders for whom a partnership and marketing would be valuable with CSC. Please let those people know we are here and would love to speak with them.

  2. Use your skill set to make us better. Many of you have abilities and ideas that would make us stronger as a club. Consider letting us know what you may be able to do to help out. If you feel you don’t have a special talent, but you have time, that is probably the most important resource at all.

  3. Donate to our player scholarship fund, or help us secure sponsors who would. We have many families who receive scholarships. We would love to provide opportunities to many more families who don’t have the resources but their children are talented and love soccer.


Thank you all for what has so far been a fantastic spring season.

I look forward to next year with you all as well,




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